Stourbridge Pavilion looking amazing…

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Completed Stourbridge pavilion in a beautiful garden setting. We’ve just been out to visit one of our completed projects in Stourbridge. A beautiful, warm sunny day that set the amazing garden and new rear extension off to perfection. We can’t take credit for the planting, that was down to the owners but we will take the plaudits for the extension.

The owners of this property approached after a recommendation from another client. The house had a previous rear, mundane extension that had provided ancillary accommodation that was no longer required. After our initial home consultation and being given the opportunity to design the project, a chance discussion about chairs proved to be the starting point for this Barcelona pavilion inspired garden room. The client had always wanted a pair of Barcelona chairs and the pavilion provided the inspiration, albeit on a considerably more appropriate budget. A series of square pavilions connect the original kitchen space to the garden, and the route opens up different views on the way to the back of the house. Large windows connect the spaces, skylights drop light from above and the new spaces create an external courtyard connected to the kitchen.

An inspiring project finished with love an attention by the owners, which along with the spectacular garden makes us very happy indeed.

Full portfolio page coming soon so keep your eyes open.

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