Our Approach

A successful project comes from a clear understanding of what you want to achieve, the things that you like, and how much you want to spend. Understanding your aspirations allows us to suggest the right approach. You will be looking to us for inspiration about new possibilities and ideas about what can be achieved. Our skill lies in combining your aspirations and needs, with our creativity, experience and knowledge. A project is in the detail and often a subtle change like the way a door opens in to a room can have a big impact on a space. In every project we look for the small element that can bring a sense of drama and individuality to your project. A good working relationship relies on open communication and we encourage our clients to discuss their thoughts and ideas with us, and with their friends and family.

With the GAC you get us, our experience, our professionalism, our ideas. We are both fully qualified architects, and have lots of experience of working with our clients to ensure that we help and support them as necessary through the process of designing and building their dream project. It will be one of us that visits you initially, and subsequently we will undertake the survey, develop the design and produce the drawings. We don’t have people working behind the scenes. We are not happy until you are happy, until we have got the design of your spaces as right as they possibly can be.

What We Do

We love architecture but more importantly we love the things that make great liveable spaces for you and your family, and friends. We love the way sunlight comes through a well placed window in the morning, or the sunset is framed at the end of the day. The subtle connection between rooms.  We like natural materials that age and weather, and react to the time of day and year.

Initial Site Visit

Every project begins with a home consultation visit. This allows you to meet us, and for us to understand your aspirations, and the site. We will discuss your ideas in detail, and suggest various approaches for the project.

Site Survey

The first stage is for us to undertake a full survey of the property. We fully measure the existing building to get a complete understanding of the property. We use the existing drawings as the basis for the design.

Design Development

We start with the layout of the spaces and how they relate. Getting the layout right is the key to a successful project. We produce a number of options, and then work with you to clarify your likes and dislikes.

3D Design Option

Our 3D visualisation service can really bring your project to life. Clients find it invaluable to see their project in a 3D video, and it is really exciting to see the inside and outside of your project.

Approvals Submission

When the design is agreed, we put together the full package of information required for the submission to the Local Authority. We manage the full application responding to queries and negotiating as necessary on your behalf.

Technical Drawings & Building Regulations Application

A full set of technical construction drawings of your project are critical. They form the basis of the Building Regulations application, and explain the project in detail to your builder allowing accurate pricing and certainty over the completed build.

Site Management and Visits

As qualified architects we can visit site to discuss progress with your chosen builder, and manage contracts should you wish to follow that route. We are always happy to discuss the project at any time.

Sit back and enjoy…!

A building project is not always the easiest process. We will be there to help but it can be messy! But before long you will be enjoying your new spaces with your friends, family or colleagues!