A shot of project 001…!

This was the very first client commission we received that allowed the company to be set up back in the day. It was a substantial project. The client had bought a small, constrained traditional farm dwelling in a good sized small holding. It was two bedrooms and two reception rooms on a steep site accessed […]

Keep Calm and Carry On Planning…

Bournville, Birmingham

I’ve taken this blog post title from a newspaper article, entitled ‘Keep Calm and Carry On Panicking…’ There is a lot going on in the UK right now and the construction industry is no exception. The talk is of shortages, price increases for materials and labour, alongside uncertainty generally. But the upshot of the article […]

Keep your eyes open for our new signboards…

We’ve designed ourselves a shiny new signboard to highlight when one of our projects is on site. We realised that builders generally have a signboard to show who is building the project but rarely can you see who has designed the project in the first place! A lot of our projects come from the recommendation […]