Nice to find one of our projects in the new BVT Design Guide…

Happy to have noticed one of our projects in the new draft Bournville Village Trust Design Guide as an example of a high quality, and contemporary architectural solution. We work here, live here, design here, and build far and wide.

It opens up a debate about contemporary and sensitive space and how much a project can, needs to or wants to reflect its traditional surroundings. This project is very much a contemporary space, but with a more traditional approach to elements such as the open eaves to the roof and the window detailing. A change in the roof design, the glazing and materials and then we have a very different project.

We very rarely start with an idea of how the project may express itself from the outside (..if we did have something in mind we might be keeping that quiet in case it is overtaken by the design!) We are as excited by the latest materials and construction techniques as most of our clients are, but we are driven by our clients. We all inhabit the spaces inside a project, the plan, and we get that as right as possible with our clients before we explore how that becomes a 3 dimensional living breathing space.

We’re surveying in Harborne this week, technical drawings issued for a project in Staffordshire, client visit in Solihull, a project starting on site in Bournville, approvals received for a project in Droitwich Spa.

Get in touch if you want to discuss your project, call Kevin or Matt on 0121 270 7227. Take care!

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